Production is only successful if it is in harmony with the environment

State-of-the-art facilities

We are convinced that the successful production of pulp and the protection of the environment can be reconciled. The harmonization of production and environmental protection with regard to the preservation of natural resources is very important to us.

Due to the immediate proximity to Germany's largest artificial water, the ‘Bleilochtalsperre’ (dam), and the exposed location of the company on the edge of the natural park ‘Thüringer Schiefergebirge’ [Thuringian Highland], ZPR feels particularly obliged to keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

Our production facilities are state-of-the-art and comply with the highest requirements of environmental protection.
Technological improvements have led to increases in production over the last few years, while simultaneously optimizing most environmental indicators. A worldwide comparison of sulphate pulp mills shows that ZPR today not only plays an important role in pulp quality but also in the environmental sector.

Whether energy or water consumption, waste volume, air or water emissions - the environmental performance indicators of ZPR are far below the limits imposed by the legislator in almost all areas. In the recent past, particularly significant improvements have been achieved in the reduction of odours.

The environmental indicators are continuously monitored in our environmental laboratory. But the authorities also monitor compliance with the limit values regularly and without prior notice.