Resource Wood

A renewable raw material from sustainable forestry

Pulp production is based on wood, in our case especially on softwood. This is our most important raw material.

Annually, ZPR consumes about 1.8 million cubic meters of primarily spruce and pine. We mainly use sawn timber by-products in the form of wood chips from sawmills in the surrounding area, as well as lower quality pulp logs. Our subsidiary Mercer Holz is responsible for purchasing the required wood quantities, both for us and for our sister company Zellstoff Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt. For both mills, more than 5 million cubic meters must be procured each year.

The favorable geographic position of the mill, amidst the wood growth areas of Germany, the Thuringian Forest and the Franconian Forest, provides optimal raw material supply over short distances.

We use wood from proven sustainable forestry, the majority of which is certified by the PEFC or other independent forest certification bodies. We pay attention to the fact that the forest is managed in a way that preserves their biodiversity, productivity, vitality and the ability to rejuvenate. The forest fulfills important ecological, economic and social functions at local and national level – and this will also be the case in the future.