The use of resources is economical and gentle

In the interest of the environment and the company

Pulp production is based on the renewable raw material: wood. We also need large quantities of water and use various chemicals for pulping the wood. How do we handle these and other resources at Zellstoff Rosenthal?

We recycle all used chemicals in a complex, closed recovery cycle. These chemicals are then reused in the production process. This makes economical and ecological sense and conserves resources.

We use the water, that we take daily from the Saale and the Selbitz rivers, very carefully. Compliance with strict environmental requirements is constantly monitored by the company and the authorities.

Only about 50 percent of wood is made of cellulose fibres, which can be used for paper production. However, the other wood components are used as extensively as possible and add value. Byproducts from pulp production, such as tall oil are used in the chemical industry.

Once the material use of wood is no longer possible, the remaining biomass is used to generate green energy.