Kraft Pulp

Pulp - the substance from which paper is made

Rosenthal Kraft

Our pulp is made of long fibre softwood (coniferous wood) using a sulphate process and is therefore also referred to as Kraft pulp or Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) pulp. Its strength properties, purity, and bright white colour make it a very high quality pulp.
Due to its excellent characteristics, our pulp is used by the paper industry in the production of a wide variety of paper grades.

Pulp is also added during recycling of waste paper. This is the only way the recycling cycle of waste paper can be maintained. And this is because each cellulose fibre is only reusable about 7 times.
Due to its high tear resistance, the pulp is also referred to as a reinforcement pulp. This product characteristic is highly valued in the paper industry, since this pulp can be used on very fast paper machines.

Rosenthal produces two main grades of pulp: Elemental chlorine-free bleached kraft pulp (ECF) and totally chlorine-free bleached kraft pulp (TCF). Both are characterized by high static or dynamic strength. However, pulp grades of different strength and brightness are also produced according to individual customer requirements.

Our pulp is subject to continuous quality controls to ensure consistently high product quality. We use cutting edge technology and produce in accordance with the highest national and international standards.

Our own marketing company Mercer Pulp Sales handles the worldwide sale of the pulp.

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