Green energy for our own production and the public network

Bioheat and bioelectricity in cogeneration of heat and electricity

Only half of the wood is made of cellulose. The other part of the valuable biomass serves to extract biochemicals such as tall oil. At the end of the exploitation chain, we burn the remaining organic components to produce bioenergy.

The remaining contents of wood are dissolved in black liquor and burned in a modern recovery boiler. This generates heat and steam. This steam is first used to generate electricity and then fed to the production process: cogeneration of heat and electricity in perfect form.

Another advantage of this process is: during this combustion process, the utilized chemicals are recovered and can be reused for production.

Zellstoff Rosenthal is completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity. The plant generates much more energy than it needs to operate its plants. Approx. 40 per cent of the generated electricity is fed into the public power grid every year. Around 50,000 households are being supplied with green electricity this way.

The company is certified as part of an energy management system according to DIN ISO 50001.

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