Pulp - the substance from which paper is made

More than 130 years of experience

The pulp production is the basis of our business, but by no means everything.

We maximize the use of this valuable raw material: wood. We obtain cellulose from the wood fibre. All other wood components serve to generate energy in the form of heat and bioelectricity. But first, we gain other valuable biochemicals from wood, for example tall oil. And we are constantly looking for additional solutions and innovations as to how we can use the wood more sustainably and with greater value.

The pulp and paper factory ‘Zellstoff- und Papierfabrik Rosenthal GmbH’ (ZPR) is located in Blankenstein, Thuringia, in one of the most wooded areas of Germany, in the middle of the Thuringian Forest and Frankenwald. We are a part of the North American Mercer International Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of long fibre pulp.

With a history of more than 130 years, it is today one of the most modern pulp factories in Europe.

Customers from all over the world use our pulp for the production of paper. Our fibres are also an indispensable element in recycling old paper: Without the addition of our pulp the reuse of paper would soon come to an end.

Responsible interaction with our environment is an integral part of our company policy, in an ecological, economic, and social sense. Nature conservation, employee safety and the fair handling of business partners form the prerequisite for the long-term success of our company.